Tuesday, June 08, 2004

this is me

Monday, May 17, 2004

dear jan,

today, we're nearly halfway through our philippine vacation. you have been enjoying yourself so much, revelling in the company of your pinoy relatives who dote on you hand and foot. we visited your cousins bea and jack last week and you enjoyed it immensely. they were also so eager to be with you each waking moment. i wish it will stay this way as you all grow up. i, myself, have drifted away from my own cousins and was never able to see them very often during my growing up years. i blame it on geography. it's always nice to go and visit them in pampanga or nueva ecija, yes, i wouldn't describe the relationships as close. i hope it will different for you. you will have far less cousins than i did (your dad having just one brother, and you having just 2 cousins on my side), so each one matters. bea is now 7 and she will have fond memories of our visit (and the last one in september 2003). i have faith that she will always be eager to see you again. as for jack, i'm not sure if he will remember more than you will. he's just 3 and i'm not sure how far back memory goes. should your (our) memory falter, i have taken photos and videos ;) ...


Thursday, April 22, 2004

in your first year, we made sure you had as little exposure to television as possible. and since we were almost inseparable, that also made me unaware of the goings-on in the world. my world revolved around taking care of you and the war- and terrorism-riddled newcasts wouldn't move me in the same way as you made your first step, or compare with the angst i went through as you had your first fever. actually, until now, you show very little interest in watching tv or cartoon movies. which i find great. we spend comparatively little time together now and there's so many other interesting things to do instead of sitting in front of that box! things that will develop your motor skills and make your bones strong. things that will pique your curiosity and make your mind sharp and creative. things that will improve your speech and comprehension. yes, these are the things i think of when i plan our activities. and it's not easy, because there are times that i'm tired, uninspired, or simply not in the mood. but i'm doing the best i can. and you make it all worth it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

changed the url from meinschatz.blogspot.com to 19sept.blogspot com. i think that's more appropriate.

Friday, April 16, 2004

i've started this blog especially for you, jan. i've always wanted to start a diary, listing all your milestones, all the thoughts and feelings i have while bringing you up. someday, i'll let you in on this little diary, and then pehaps you'll realize how much i treasure and love you. i'll go back to the little baby book i've kept and log all the feats you've already accomplished so far. you'll see how proud i've been with all that you've been able to do so far. i'll backwards from this date. and when i've finished writing about the past 20 months, i'll begin writing all about your childhood... things i'd like to tell you now, but you probably won't understand yet... later, years from now, we'll read this blog together....